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I want to be a teacher.

Keep on going talking about ourselve. Sometimes we think.. ¿What am I going to be when I grow up? To know how to answer in english we will have to learn all the vocabulary about professions.

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Secuencia didáctica

  • 1

    HELLO, how are you today?

    As everyday we're gonna ask how are we. Let's sing the welcome song.

  • 2

    I'm a teacher, what about you?

    Today we are going to learn about professions. First of all we are going to watch a video. All together we are goiung to try to understand and get all the professions vocabulary. Once the video finish we are going to write all the vocabulary on our notebook. After that, try to write the name of each characters, but don't go to the next page until you got it. Next activity...Use your memory and match the words with the pictures. As a last activity use your memory and match the words with the pictures.

  • 3

    Talking about jobs.

    Great! now you know how to say the professions in english. Now we are gonna learn how to ask about them. Are your ready to do it? First, read and guess the meaning. After that practice with your classmate. Second activity: print the document and do the exercices. Try to guess the vocabulary you don't know, is so easy, in case you need you can use the diccionary.

  • 4

    What's my family's jobs?

    We are students, so we cannot work, but we have family and they are working. We are gonna explain to our classmates what are they doing. Bring some pictures of them and present to your classmates your family's job.

  • 5

    Let's craft and creat

    Make one stick for each professions. Cut, colour and wirte the name of the profession on the stick. If you like you can creat you own puppet!

  • 6

    Who am I?

    Now is time to practise all you know. We are going to play all together! First we need to print, cut and laminate the yellow cards. Once we have the cards ready we need one volunteer. He will take one card, but be careful, the volunteer and the teacher are the only ones who are allowed to see it. The volunteer will mimic the profession is showed on the card. The rest of the class will have to guess what is the profession who picked the volunteer. The one who guess will be the next one to mime.


  • Recognize vocabulary about professions.
  • Discriminate vocabulary about professions.
  • Read, write and pronounce vocabulary about professions.
  • Reconstruct simple conversations abou what are you going to be when you grow up.

Criterios de evaluación

  • Understand profession's vocabulary.
  • Use correctly the vocabulary.
  • Read and pronounce correctly the vocabulary.
  • Answer basic questions about professions.
  • Be able to ask simple questions about professions.

Cursos y asignaturas

  • 7 años:
    • Lengua extranjera
  • 8 años:
    • Lengua extranjera