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Speaking and listening skills - How to improve it?

In this unit we are going to improve our speaking and listening skills. At school we usually practice grammar and vocabulary, but we don't talk that often. There are different reasons: because we are shy, maybe because we are afraid to make mistakes... or maybe other reasons. But the important thing when you are learning a language is to practice, talk to native people, listen music and watch movies in that language and the most important thing, if you have the opportunity to live in an English speaking country... you should go!

Esta secuencia contiene:

  • Más de 5 horas

  • 8 actividades

  • 15 recursos

  • Idioma:

    • Castellano

Secuencia didáctica


  • Improve the vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Improve the listening and the speaking skills.
  • Be able to keep a conversation using different strategies.
  • Discern information from written and oral texts using strategies to understand the text in order to…

Criterios de evaluación

  • Improves the vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Uses strategies to keep a conversation.
  • Uses strategies and tips to improve his/ hers listening and speaking skills.
  • Expresses their opinion in an adequate way depending on the context.
  • Is able to understand texts in order to answer specific questions about it.

Cursos y asignaturas

  • 16 años:
    • Lengua extranjera
  • 17 años:
    • Lengua extranjera